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Home Buttons Flasher

  1. Connect your device
    1. Home Buttons - USB-C cable
    2. Home Buttons Mini - USB to Serial adapter
  2. Select device type
  3. Select new firmware version
  4. Select image type
    1. Update - Regular update
    2. Full Image - Flash entire memory. Erases all user data.
  5. Put device into programming mode:
    Press and hold BOOT button, then press RST button. BOOT LED will light up. Release both buttons
  6. Click CONNECT
  7. Select your device from the list of available ports
  8. Click INSTALL and skip the Erase device prompt. Confirm installation once again.
  9. Wait until installation is complete, then reset the device with the RST button.
  10. Done!

WARNING: Do not flash the full image if your current firmware is not v2.1.0 or later. You will brick your device! Please update to v2.3.0 first via OTA.

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